One-Time Cleaning

What is the one-time deep cleaning service?

Why do you need One-Time Cleaning Service?

The professional one-time cleaning service include high-level cleaning, floor/carpet cleaning, wall cleaning, windowing cleaning and so on. This is an all-round cleaning service after decoration, renovation and regular deep cleaning.

Also, air disinfection , VOC and Formaldehyde Removal Service are provided. These can increase the inside air quality and protect to your health.


What is One-Time Cleaning Service?

High-Level Cleaning

There are lots of dusts on the high-level area. This situation is harmful for our health because too many dusts can case allergy. So, it is possible to clean it regularly (1 time/6-12 months).

High-Level Area :  Air Conditioner Exterior, Hose, Shade, Fan, Exhaust, High Glazed, Counter Top


Middle-Level Cleaning

The middle-level area is include the things you can touch without ladder.

Middle-Level Area:
Wall, furniture, glass window, gate, signboard, fabric furniture, toilets, pantry, kitchen and so on.



Floor and carpet are included in one-time cleaning service. Wax is a protection layer for floor. It should be re-waxing regularly.


Air Disinfection and VOC and Formaldehyde Removal Service

There are lots of bacteria, harmful substances (such as: formaldehyde), odor in the air. They are affecting our health and respiratory system.

So, you need air disinfection and VOC and Formaldehyde removal service to protect to your health.

*The materials are no harm on animals, plants and baby.

Hyginova is the brand we use to Air Disinfection and VOC and Formaldehyde Removal Service.


All air disinfection and VOC and Formaldehyde removal service materials have been passed the TRA taste to provide they are no harm on human, baby and plant.

Effective Disinfection

It can kill 99.9999% of bacterium. It conform EU standards (EN1040 & EN1275)

Removing the Smell

It can really help you to remove the smoking smell, the smell of rubbish, the smell of Ammonia, the smell of the fish, the excrement, the burning smell, , the smell of the rotten eggs and so on.

VOC and Formaldehyde Removal

VOC and Formaldehyde may case tracheal sensitive and skin sensitive. VOC and Formaldehyde are serious in after-decoration area and new furniture. But, they need more than 2~3 years to be removed naturally. So, our materials can reduce VOC and Formaldehyde hugely in 1 hour.


Types of One-Time Cleaning Service:

Office /Home Deep Cleaning Service

Period: 6~12months / 1 time

Service Content: high-level cleaning (air conditional and fans), air disinfection, furniture cleaning and floor washing and so on

 Office /Home Deep Cleaning ServiceOffice /Home Deep Cleaning Service in Honh Kong


Cleaning Service after Decoration

Time: After Decoration

Service Content: Whole area and items cleaning(including windows, toilets, furniture, fans, air conditional) and Air Disinfection and VOC and Formaldehyde Removal Service and so on

 Cleaning Service after DecorationCleaning Service after Decoration in Hong Kong


Event Cleaning

Time: Event (Pre, during and after)

Service Content: Clean up the garbage, floor cleaning, Air Disinfection and VOC and Formaldehyde Removal Service and so on

 Event CleaningEvent Cleaning in Hong Kong


Air Disinfection and VOC and Formaldehyde Removal Service

Period: After Decoration ; 1 time / 6 months

New Furniture release VOC and Formaldehyde. It is impossible to remove all of them in one time. So, it is possible to use VOC and Formaldehyde Removal Service 2 times per year. Also, air disinfection can reduce the number of bacterium in the air. It can reduce the chance to get sick and tracheal sensitive.

 Air Disinfection and VOC Service Formaldehyde Removal Service


Other Special Cleaning Service

Grease trap cleaning, building cleaning, playground cleaning and so on

Grease trap cleaning, building cleaningplayground cleaningcleaning service company

No matter what your requirements are, we must try our best to do!

Why do you need Wong's Cleaning Service Co Ltd?

Why do you need the Air Disinfection and VOC and Formaldehyde Removal Service and One-Time Cleaning Service from Wong’s Cleaning Service Company Ltd?

The Advantages of Wong’s Cleaning Service Company Ltd

Wong’s Cleaning Service Company Limited has provided different types of cleaning service since 2002. In deep cleaning service, we mainly provide one-time deep cleaning, cleaning service (after decoration), event cleaning service, air disinfection and VOC and formaldehyde removal service, shop/restaurant cleaning service, school cleaning service and building cleaning service.

Most of the cleaning staff has more than 7 –year or above experiences. So, they can provide more professional cleaning service to you!

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Here is the information about one-time deep cleaning service:

Target Customers

Home, Office, Shop, School, Building and so on

Cleaning Workers

Most of them have 7 related working experiences. There have both male and female cleaning workers.

Cleaning Materials

All cleaning materials are provided by Wong’s Cleaning Service Company.


The Service Process of One-time cleaning service:

  1. Wedo the high-level cleaning first. (E.g. Air-conditioner, lampshade and the top of cabinet)
  2. We clean all furniture, wall, toilets and so on
  3. We do floor washing and/or waxing and carpet cleaning
  4. Before we leave, we do pest control and/or air disinfection and VOC and formaldehyde removal service


The Price of One-Time Cleaning Service

Minimum Charge


*The price may be different because of different reasons such as location and service content.

*The materials have be included in the price.


Payment Methods:

Bank Transfer

Bank Name : Fubon Bank (Hong Kong)

Account Number:848-0-7118729

Account Name:

Wong’s Cleaning Service Company Limited

2.     Check

Bank Name : Fubon Bank (Hong Kong)

Account Number:848-0-7118729

Account Name:

Wong’s Cleaning Service Company Limited

*If Mail*

Rm.10,4/F.,Blk,A.Kin Hing Ind.Bldg. 17-23 Shek Kin St.,Kwai Chung.N.T

3. Cash 







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