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What is floor washing and/or waxing service?

Wong’s Floor Washing and Waxing Service

Professional floor and marble washing services

All types of floor ( wood, plastic, stone and marble) need regularly washing. This can prevent the dust and filthy in the crevices. Therefore, professional cleaning machines and liquid are used.


Professional waxing service:

“Wax” is can protective layer. It would not be easy to make the floor dirty, old and yellow. So, the life of floor will be prolonged.

However, the wax can maintain around 9 – 12 months.


Here is the information about floor and marble washing and waxing: 

1. Plastic floor & Wood flooring

Hong Kong Floor Washing and Waxing ServiceFloor Washing Company

 Wood and plastic floor washing and waxing services are provided by professional staff from Wong’s Cleaning Service Company.

We use professional floor washing machines and liquid to clean first. Then, wax is mopped on the clean floor.


  1. Quartz, Granite, Brick, Stone

floor waxing companyfloor washing company

These types of floor are not suitable for waxing. So, both floor washing machines and high pressure cleaning water gun are recommended.


  1. Marble

marble washing servicemarble waxing comoany

Marble can be cleaned and waxed by cleaning machines and K1 K2. This can build a protective layer on the marble and help it keeping clean.


4. Floor washing and cleaning in warehouse

warehouse washing service wearhouse waxing serivce

Keeping your warehouse cleaning can help you earn more money! This is because clean warehouse can give your customers confidence. Also, the number of sick leaves will be reduced because of a clean working condition.


Professional floor washing and waxing services by Wong’s Cleaning Service Company Limited can really help you, although our price is higher than market price!

Why do you need Wong's Cleaning Service Co Ltd?

Why do you need the floor washing and waxing services from Wong’s Cleaning Service Company Limited?

Wong’s Cleaning Service Company Limited has provided floor and marble cleaning and waxing services since 2002. Many houses, office, warehouses, building and social communities are our targets. During these year, our service can gain the confidence from different companies, organizations and schools.

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Here is the information about the floor and marble washing and waxing service by Wong’s Cleaning Service Company Ltd: 

Target Customers:

Office, School, Shopping Mall, Building, Restaurant, Social Groups, Government, warehouse and so on.

Types of floor

Plastic, wood, Quartz, Granite, Brick, Stone, marble and so on

 Service Region

Whole Hong Kong Area

Need of Time

At least 1 hour

Service hours

24 hours in whole year (365 days)

How long should you get the service 1 time?

9 to 12 months




Floor washing and waxing process:

  1. Fill the cleaning liquid up the cleaning machines
  2. The stains are dissolved by the turning cleaning machines
  3. The polluted water is inhaled by cleaning machines
  4. When the floor is clean, waxing process is carried on




Floor / marble washing and waxing FEE:



Floor cleaning fee


Floor washing and waxing (1 wax layer)


Floor washing and waxing (3 wax layer)


Marble washing and waxing


High pressure cleaning water gun


Pest control (Normal)


Other services

Carpet cleaning, one-time deep cleaning, disinfection service and VOC and formaldehyde removal service, toilet cleaning, air-conditioner cleaning, moving items, deep pest control 

*All the prices may be different because of the costs, locations and services

*All cleaning materials have been included


Payment Methods:

Bank Transfer

Bank Name : Fubon Bank (Hong Kong)

Account Number:848-0-7118729

Account Name:

Wong’s Cleaning Service Company Limited

2.     Check

Bank Name : Fubon Bank (Hong Kong)

Account Number:848-0-7118729

Account Name:

Wong’s Cleaning Service Company Limited

*If Mail*

Rm.10,4/F.,Blk,A.Kin Hing Ind.Bldg. 17-23 Shek Kin St.,Kwai Chung.N.T

3. Cash 

Contact :






5528 6026/9660 8698/9344 4319

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How to get the cleaning service?

Company should set the budget and service expectation
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