VOC and Formaldehyde Remove Service

Why do you need VOC and Formaldehyde Remove Service?

VOC (Formaldehyde) Removal Service


What is VOC (Formaldehyde)?


Formaldehyde is harmful for human health, especially for pregnant women and children. The reason why it is in your home/office is that it is created by the building materials, home furnishing pressed woods, wood floor finishers, paints and so on.


According to the "Guidelines for Air Quality" published by World Health Organization in 2000, only when the level of Formaldehyde is lower than 0.024ppm, the condition is safe for us.


Why Formaldehyde is dangerous for us?


Formaldehyde is useful for the decorating and industrial work. However, it is volatility and toxicity. People may absorb it by touching furniture and breathing. If we over absorb it, some diseases such as edema, inflammation, ulceration and cancer may be cased.


According to the US National Toxicology Program, formaldehyde is as "known to be a human carcinogen".


If the level of formaldehyde cannot be below 0.05mg/m3 in which level Formaldehyde is not harmful for human, we would not receive any payment!



         Dangerous Level                                                              Safety Level 


 Fumigation Treatment:

Fumigation Treatment is provided in the Wong’s Formaldehyde Removal Service. It is useful for putting the spray in whole room.


Two types of solutions:


  • Sunlight is needed
  • More efficient than Hyginova
  • Camical Material
  • Sunlight is not needed
  • Be used in anywhere
  • Eco-Friendly 


Why do you need VOC and Formaldehyde Remove Service from Wong's Cleaning Service Co Ltd?

Why do you need the VOC(Formaldehyde) Removal Service in Wong's Cleaning Service Co. Ltd?


Wong's Cleaning Service has provided formaldehyde removal service since 2012. This is because we want to try our best to protect our customers' health.


 The excellence Brand Award in 2018  The excellence Brand Award in 2015


The information about Wong's formaldehyde removal service :


Office, School, Shopping Mall, Building, Restaurant, Social Groups, Government, warehouse and so on.

Reigon:All Hong Kong are
Service Time:24 hours 


Process of formaldehyde removal service:

  1. Workers check the existing formaldehyde level.
  2. Work use Fumigation machine to spray the potion.
  3. After around 15 mins, workers check the level again and make sure that the level is below 0.05mg/m3.


Formaldehyde service fee:


300ft or below

300 ft or above

Formaldehyde service

$1900 - $2000


$1.2-$7.4 / ft 

*Larger place more discount*

Other services

Carpet cleaning, one-time deep cleaning, disinfection service and VOC and formaldehyde removal service, toilet cleaning, air-conditioner cleaning, moving items, deep pest control


Payment Methods:

Bank Transfer

Bank Name : Fubon Bank (Hong Kong)

Account Number:848-0-7118729

Account Name:

Wong’s Cleaning Service Company Limited


Bank Name : Fubon Bank (Hong Kong)

Account Number:848-0-7118729

Account Name:

Wong’s Cleaning Service Company Limited

*If Mail*

Rm.10,4/F.,Blk,A.Kin Hing Ind.Bldg. 17-23 Shek Kin St.,Kwai Chung.N.T


Payme : 68125180 Kong Ip Kin


Contact :


93444319 (Ambrose Kong)




93444319(Ambrose Kong)

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