Pest Control

What is the pest control service?

What is the pest-contral service?



In Hong Kong, there are lots of insect because of the wet weather. The situation may be worse in office beause there are lots of sundries. So, it is time for us to have a regular pest-control service in order to improve our living and working place qualities!


How to do pest-control service:


Of course, there are different ways to do pest-control service. This is because we need to choose the right method for the situation. So, here are 3 different methods for pest-control service.


3 pest-control methods: 

Wong's Cleaning Company provide 3 mothods depending on our clients' needs.


 Spraying Control Treatment

 Fumigation Treatment

 Pest Control Treatment with Bait

Pest-control methods

We use Spray Bottle to spray the insecticide on the floor.


*Mainly for the CARPET

The insecticide is spray in gaseous state.


*For all situation

把藥餌放在牆邊﹑暗角及櫃內。然後當害蟲行過有以上地方,會沾上剎蟲藥或直接食下藥餌。最後當它們自己及為對方清潔時,便會食下剎蟲藥。The bait is put on corner and the dark place.


*For Cockroach

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Different types of Pesticide:

Different types of pesticide are provided by Wong's Cleaning Company Limited for customers to choose. 
 Bio Kill Dustmitex Supper Insecticide

Safe for people and animals

Relatively low toxicity

 Safe for people and animals 

Environmential friendly

Natural materials are used

Relatively low toxicity

High toxicity

People cannot tuoch the liquid directly

Related Informaion


*After erasing, the function of pesticide will be fail


Why do you need Wong's Cleaning Service Co Ltd?

Why do you need the Pest-Control Service from Wong's Cleaning Service Company Limited?


There are the advantages of Wong’s Cleaning Service Company Ltd for Pest-Control Service:

  1. We are not the pesticide seller. So, we can provide more choices for our clients in Pest-Control Services.
  2. All the works in Pest-Control Service have finished the related Pest-Control service courses.
  3. Wong’s Cleaning Service Company LTD has more than 10 years experiences in Pest-Control Service. 

Certificate of Outstanding Brand


The Outstabding Cleaning Service, 2015                   The Outstabding Cleaning Service,2018


Here is the information about the pest-contral  service by Wong’s Cleaning Service Company Ltd:

Target Customers:Office, School, Shopping Mall, Building, Restaurant, Social Groups, Government, warehouse and so on.
Professional WorkerFinished the related Pest-Control service courses
The cost of all service materials

Included in the quotation

*No extra charge for it


At least 1 hr


Pest-Control Service Process:

  1. Clients need to confirm the pesticide and methods to Wong's Cleaning Service Company LTD
  2. Worker(s) will arrive and provide pest-control service
  3. After service, worker(s) will provide professional advice to clients for improving the situation.



The Fee of pest-control service: 


600ft or below

600ft or above

Pest-Control Service

Spraying Control Treatment :$900 - $1100

Fumigation Treatment :$1300 - $1600

Pest Control Treatment with Bait :$1200 - $1500

Spraying Control Treatment :1ft/$0.4 - $1.5up

Fumigation Treatment :1ft/$1 - $2.2up

Pest Control Treatment with Bait :1ft/$0.8 - $1.7up


Other services

Carpet cleaning, one-time deep cleaning, disinfection service and VOC and formaldehyde removal service, toilet cleaning, air-conditioner cleaning, moving items, deep pest control 


Payment Methods::

Bank Transfer

Bank Name : Fubon Bank (Hong Kong)

Account Number:848-0-7118729

Account Name:

Wong’s Cleaning Service Company Limited


Bank Name : Fubon Bank (Hong Kong)

Account Number:848-0-7118729

Account Name:

Wong’s Cleaning Service Company Limited

*If Mail*

Rm.10,4/F.,Blk,A.Kin Hing Ind.Bldg. 17-23 Shek Kin St.,Kwai Chung.N.T



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